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Task names not displaying correctly in Web Client plugin

We are trying out the RTM build for vSphere 2015/6.0 and noticed that the task names are not getting translated to their friendly names.

Thick Client:

Under the tasks view, we see the user friendly task name: Task: Turn off server LID 

Web Client:

The same tasks is reported as follows: Task: <Company Namespace>.ServersTurnLidOff.label

In the task.vmsg file the key value pair is set up correctly which would explain how the name shows up correctly in the vSphere client.

Is there an equivalent resource file for the web client ?

In the vsphere_client_virgo.log there are errors similar to:

[2015-02-13T19:01:35.662Z] [WARN ] http-bio-9443-exec-4         70010319 100032 200007 com.vmware.vise.data.query.impl.ResultDirectory                   Type cannot be resolved for TODO:209243d707b68-d75a-4872-9db7-d21ab8b46e40

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The question seems the same as this thread:

Task name is shown different on vSphere web client 6.0 and vsphere client 6.0

Please check:

  • the key of your vmsg file
  • whether there is a zip file under cmCatalog folder that contains a property file with your localization resources

Task name is localized using the following key:

taskInfo.getDescriptionId() + ".label";



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