Storage VMotion 550GB of data, live environment questions?

Hi guys, I wanted to run something passed you, we recently noticed a one off slowness of a migration from SAS to SATA iSCSI, we have a shared iSCSI datastore which are available in both environments, we use this to move our Test/Dev machines after go live into our Live environments. A colleauge of mine actually powered the machien down prior to migration and then ran a SDRS, he said it took almost 8 hours to complete and the disk was only 100GB large. We have a 550GB machine which needs to be migrated over into the Live environment from SAS to SATA via iSCSI. My question is, should this be done outside of office hours?? Also if this does take forever to run, is it likely to have an impact on the virtual machine as it is a live machine which is currently in use by a number of users.

I wanted to run these passed you as I'm always doing SDRS inside of office hours which no issues, I DONT power down the virtual machine and I leave them on and have no issues with slowness or further issues with performance, it is just a colleauge that mentioned that he'd powered the machine down prior, I thought this could maybe have an affect on the virtual machines?

Any recommendations what time and the best way to move this over?

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