Single Image deployment fails on existing vmfs partition

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So I setup single image autodeployment for a cluster, added a host profile to the cluster itself and configured all the thing necessary for the ipxe boot. ESXi hosts with an empty partition have no issue at all. However when I already have a provisioned host and try to re-provision it. Then after a while I get a friendly greeting with this message:



Error (see log for more info):
An error has ocurred while paring the installation script

Error: https://xx.x.x.x:6501/vmw/rbd/host/longidentifier/boot.ks:line 8: Install --overwritevmfs not specified but naa.longdiskidentiefier contains a VMFS partition.

Press <Enter> to continue




Tried searching the VCSA server for the default boot.ks file to work around this issue but came up empty handed. Only work around is to recreate the raid1 to wipe the disks before deployment. Which in turn defeats its purpose to make deployment easier.  Does anyone have any suggestions to fixing this?


Edit: ok I found the default file: "/etc/vmware-rbd/DefaultStatefulInstallHostProfile.vpf" on the VCSA. Only this is a workaround, the real issue needs to be fixed and it seems that after a hostprofile change the entire autodeploy cannot find the previous version of the host profile, which one must follow the wizard again to setup autodeploy for a cluster. And still then it does not work and the host stays stateless. Made a support ticket. For now going back to the normal autodeploy.

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Getting hit with this right now.  Anyone have a solution?

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