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Sharing a .vmdk file between two guests

Good Afternoon,

Is it possible to take an existing .vmdk file and attach it to a second guest.

We have Linux VM that has its .vmdk file. Call this LVM1. They are building a second Linux VM, we will call this LVM2.

LVM1 has its .vmdk file added.   They would like to use the same .vmdk file that is presented to LVM1 and add it to LVM2.

The object being that they can create a share on LVM2 and move the data from the .vmdk file.  Once completed, remove the .vmdk file from LVM2 and power LVM1 back up.

Power off LVM1 while all this is going on.

I have seen the process of adding the hard disk and using an existing Virtual disk.


1. Is this possible?

2. What are the potential issues or is there a possibility of data corruption?

Also, we have two VCenters in two different data centers.  There will be third Linux VM (LVM3), but this one is a different VCenter in complete different data center.

Same thing, they want to use the .vmdk file from LVM1 and attach it to LVM3.

Next Question: How do I move\copy the .vmdk file between Data centers and what are the risk?

Can I browse the datastore and download the files to location on my network and then upload them to the datastore in the other data center.

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

Thank You

Brian Dougherty

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Yes you can, This is the KB Article which you can follow for this.


Make sure to disable the Multiwriter Protection as you are doing the read+write operations from both and use the Both scsi noes.

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