Self-Hosted Content Library Connection to VCSP Server Failed

Recently I set up a 3rd party content library of my own following the excellent instructions provided here: https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2015/06/creating-your-own-3rd-party-content-library-for-vsphere-6-0-...

I used an updated version of the script mentioned in the article from here: vghetto-scripts/make_vcsp_2018.py at master · lamw/vghetto-scripts · GitHub

However when I try to Synchronize the library I get a general system error with the message in the error stack:

Connection to VCSP server failed

Comparing against a publicly available library that I was able to sync (https://download3.vmware.com/software/vmw-tools/lib.json ) the json generated by the script looks ok.

I pretty much used the default Apache config, with the content library root at /var/www/html/content-library/ and everything in that directory is owned by www-data with open read permissions. I can get to the all the files when accessing the server via a browser.

I can ping the content library server from vCenter and was able to download files using curl. Looking at the Apache logs I do see successful GETs for the root lib.json and items.json.

Unsure of how to proceed from here, all suggestions welcome.

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Found out that the information on the blog post was somewhat outdated. Here are the issues I was able to identify:

  • A sub-folder name cannot contain spaces, likely because the URL cannot be resolved with a space in the path. Though the URL and name of the item are independent the script just uses the folder name so by extension the name cannot contain spaces.
  • The post shows an ISO folder, in practice this seems to not be possible since each folder should have a single item.json file, running the script results in an item named "ISO". This may be possible with some modifications to the script but I have not found a good example of this or any indication that it is possible in the VCSP spec.
  • Items cannot be placed in the root folder due to the same item.json limitation mentioned above.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or discuss your own experiences with setting up a third-party content library in the comments.

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