SDK Performance Manager. Issue retrieving power capacities.

I'm attempting to retrieve ESX Host Power capacities (power.capacity.usage.average/power.capacity.usable.average).    I verified the ESX Host contains these values by logging into vSphere, selecting the ESX Server Host, selecting Performance and Power.    I wrote a java client which leverages the web service SDK API, specifically I using the PerformanceManager Managed Object Reference.  I able to retrieve other performance data such as disk.usage.average but, no matter what I try I can't get the power capacities for the ESX Server host.   My code is based on the SDK sample documentation.   I'm using an older SDK version, 2.5 but, I'm able to retrieve the power counters described above.    Any ideas what I'm doing incorrectly or do I need to upgrade to SDK version 5.0 or higher?   Appreciate if someone can guide me in the right direction.

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