Repoint vCenter 6.5 with External PSC to other External PSC

Hello Guys

I have two vcenter environments each with their external psc, each environment is separate but we want to pass them to linked mode.

Site 1: vcenter-01 + psc-01

Site 2: vcenter-02 + psc-02

Both have the same SSO Domain vsphere.local and  I need to know if I can vcenter-01 pass it to PSC-02 to be in linked mode.

I was reading and understood that with cmsso-util repoint --repoint-psc psc_fqdn_or_static_ip [--dc-port port_number] is possible.

Someone has performed this operation. The other thing that happens if each environment has its NSX in standalone mode.


Sebastian Antunez N

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If both are having their own sso or acting standalone (vsphere.local in your case) then PSC1 does not know about vcenter1 and PSC2 does not know about vCenter2 so repoint would not work in this case.

Basic requirement for linkedmode is that both vcenter/psc should be in same sso domain.

If linked mode is what you want to achievement here then the only option I can think is to redeploy one site however with NSX in the environment, I would not suggest that.

I have a suggestion for you is that in vSphere 6.7, you can repoint to different SSO domain (Cross Domain Repoint) and below is the docs link for the same. The requirement is both the vCenter/PSC should be 6.7 so if you plan upgrade the existing environment to 6.7 post that you can repoint one of the vcenters to other PSC in secondary sso domain.

Repoint vCenter Server to External Platform Services Controller in a Different Domain

Syntax of the Domain Repoint Command

Kindly ensure to have plan this and backup the entire PSC/Vcenter before proceeding.

Hope this helps..



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