Rename vCenter and PSC server from Existing Domain to New Domain control

Hi All,

We have VMware vSphere 6.0 Environment and number of Esxi Host and vCenter + PSC  and application server.

Please assist with understanding on consequences of renaming the vCenter Server + PSC from  old doamin to New domain control. ( Example : ABCD.COM to QWERTY.COM )

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As I understood you want to change the domain.

Here is step

1. Take down time for VC and PSC

2. Leave the VC domain some time its done by command line

3. Do the same thing on PSC

4. Reboot VC and PSC

5.Put new DNS IP

6. Join new domain VC and PSC and reboot

If its successfully done and you are not able to logon VC then you need to power off VC first then PSC

2. Power on PSC then VC.

The option to join vCenter Server Appliance 6.x to an Active Directory domain is unavailable in the ...

IF you got any error let me know

Rajeev Chauhan
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