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RedHat Enterprise Linux HA Cluster in VCenter 5.1


I want to build a RedHat Enterprise Linux cluster with GFS *High Availability* (Resiliant Storage Addon HA) on top of VMWare Virtual Center 5.1

- We are using 2 physical VMWare ESX 5.1

- We are using EMC SAN with Fibre Channel for the storage

- We are using Virtual Center 5.1 and want to be able to use VMotion/DRS features

We have many infrastructures options and I cannot find any white paper or best practice guide and I would like to have your advice on the matter.

- Each cluster will have 2 nodes and 1 Fibre Channel SAN

- Each VMs will have one virtual hard drive VMDK stored on a LUN on the SAN for installing the Operating System RHEL 6.4.  *VMotion enabled*

The cluster application datastore will be separate from the OS datastore

For the cluster data, we have the options of :

  1. Bind the LUN to the ESX via Fibre Channel : 
    1. Create a RDM hard drive device that map on the LUN of the SAN
    2. Create VMFS filesystem on the LUN and create a VMDK multi-writer shared between the cluster node and install GFS2 as the filesystem of the VMDK
  2. RHEL OS :
    1. Bind the LUN directly at the OS level and use GFS2 filesystem

For the storage options 1.1:

- If each ESX host bind the same LUN, will I be able to do a VMotion without problem?

- Can all VM forming the nodes of the cluster can bind it concurrently?

- Does it support vmware_soap fencing method?

- What's the performance impact?

For the storage options 1.2:

- What's the overhead cost of this options? 

- Can I bind all my nodes to the same VMDK concurrently and use GFS2 as the filesystem?

- Does it support vmware_soap fencing method?

For the storage options 2.1:

- What's the cost of performance having the IO storage load in the guest

- Is VMWare ESX 5.1 support a virtual device for Fibre Channel adaptor?

- If virtual Fibre Channel adaptor is supported, does it support VMotion?

Any advice of the best way to do it?

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