RDP from Workstation Locks VM Console

I hope that this topic hasn't been brought up before. I searched and didn't find any references but if I missed it, I apologize in advance. Here's the scenario:

  • Physical PC Workstation running Windows 7 (we've also seen it with Windows XP workstations)
  • vmware vSphere Client 5.0 installed on the workstation (although we have had the issue since vCenter 4)
  • Open a console to a virtual machine (or several)
  • Launch an RDP session from the physical workstation to a different system
  • One or more of the console sessions stops responding. You cannot click and enter the console session, nor can you bring the console window into the foreground to close it or access the menus. The only solution is to close the console window from the taskbar and reopen it. Then it works fine; although sometimes just clicking into the RDP session will lock it up again.

We have had the issue since we first started with vmware at ESX 3. While it's a minor annoyance, I've periodically looked for answers and not found any and I decided to run it up the flag pole and see if anyone had any ideas.

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Not sure if this is your issue, but take a look here: VMware KB: Unable to maximize the virtual machine console window after it has been minimized to the ...


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Hot Shot

Okay .. Here my understanding is..

As Richardson pointed out with the KB .. If the console doesn't come up or unable to maximize .. You can change this using task bar property..

And if the console stucks or hung.. It is due to snapshot on the VM

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