RDM query regarding vmotion and svmotion

1.  when you can able to perform svmotion and vmotion VM with power on state

VM with virtual rdm without bussharing

VM with virtual rdm with bussharing

VM with physical rdm without bussharing

VM with  physical rdm with bussharing

2.  When I need to remove rdm disk and readd it post migration.

I m totally confused on this....

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RDM is often used in Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering on VMware. Therefore, information about the possibilities and limitations of the WDM is contained in the documentation of Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering.

up to vSphere 6.0. everything was very sad.

VMware Knowledge Base​ - Table describing VMware vSphere support for Microsoft clustering solutions (Shared Disk and Non shared Disk) ​  here is more about setup Windows Server Failover Clustering. You can also read for understanding.
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