Question regarding VLANs and vSAN/vMotion

Hi all,

I'm running all 6.5 VCSA and hosts. I'd like some feedback about my potential networking configuration.

I have 4 servers with 2 - 10GB nics and 2 - 1GB nics. My plan is to use the two 10GB nics for vSAN and vMotion on their own subnet. Should this be setup with a VLAN at all for vMotion? I'm somewhat unsure in this area. I was going to have the first nic active for vSAN and the second nic active for vMotion traffic. Sound good?

One of the 1GB nics will be used for VM traffic. We have active and standby VM's so we've configured a VLAN ID on each port group(active/standby) to tag the incoming traffic.

The last nic will be used completely for management traffic and will reside on a standard switch. My reasoning is due to not wanting to migrate it to the VDS in the event something goes wrong with the VDS(and it has before) we would still have communication with the hosts. I understand if we lose the one nic then we'd lose access anyway, but with only 4 nics I didn't see any other option.


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Hi Success3

I would do the following:

Host 1          2x 10GB   -  1GB

Host 2          2x 10GB   -  1GB

Host 3          2x 10GB   -  1GB

Host 4          2x 10GB   -  1GB

Create 2 vSwitches

vSwitch 1 - Attach 2x10 GB to it per Host, giving you a Total of 8 Uplinks

vSwitch 2 - Attach 1x1 GB to it per Host, giving you a Total of 4 Uplinks

Create 3 VMkernel adapters.

VMK0 - Management      Connected to vSwitch 2

VMK1 - vMotion               Connected to vSwitch 1
VMK2 - vSAN                  Connected to vSwitch 1

The vGuest traffic I would not use the 1GB but instead use the vSwitch 1 for the traffic.

Please keep in mind, that you have a total of 80GB to use, there is nowhere DRS and vSAN that will compromise this ussage.

We have 10 Clusters running with the configuration I just told you! Works great!

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