Provisioning Traffic vs Management Traffic

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I'm setting up a vmkernel port group so I can simply create an NFS datastore.

In the traditional c# client, you simply select 'Management Traffic' when creating the vmkernel port group.

In the web client, you have the following options when creating a vmkernel port group:

vMotion Traffic

Provisioning Traffic

FT Logging

Management Traffic

vSphere Replication traffic

vSphere Replication NFC traffic

vSAN traffic

I notice in the documentation, it lists 'Provisioning traffic'  as "Handling the data transferred for virtual machine cold migration, cloning, and snapshot creation".  So does this mean, this is just a more granular way of specifying and controlling the services the vmkernel port can provide?   Does this mean, when creating an NFS datastore, I still have to select 'Management traffic' as opposed to 'Provisioning traffic' since I'll be doing more than cold migration (for example, hot migrations, etc..), cloning and snapshots?

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