Pre-Upgrade Checks failing 6.5U2c to 6.7U1

Hello everyone

I am having the issue that pre-upgrade checks are failing upon trying to upgrade an external PSC.

As in this case: 6.5U2c > 6.7U1 Pre-Upgrade Check Failed

I am getting Cannot validate target appliance configuration as not enough information from the source appliance can be collected. For more details check out the server logs

However, this is a fresh installation. I have setup a lab environment with two PSCs and two vCenters in enhanced linked mode.

This happens when I try to upgrade the first PSC.

I thought perhaps I have to converge them to an embedded PSC first, but that doesn't work either. When I put the FQDN of the vcenter in the JSON, it tells me it cannot resolve to hostname. The hostname is pingable though.

When I switch over to an IP instead, I get a script error missing double quote.

This was on 6.7 iso.

I then thought perhaps I need to use the convergence script from 6.5 but here I am told that the version of the iso does not correspond to the vcenter. That is true as I upgraded the PSCs and vCenters after installation to the latest 6.5 release.

However there is no iso file for that build number as far as I know.

So can somebody tell me what the correct method of moving from external 6.5U2 enhanced linked mode to embedded 6.7U1 enhanced linked mode is?

I will attach the logs from my update attempt through the UI.

Thank you for any help you can provide.



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the upgrade from 6.5u2 to 6.7u1 is not supported as it is considered back-in time.

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