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Not aple to connect to vCenteer Server Appliance after the completion of cofiguration.

Hi All,

I have installed vCerter Server Appliance 7 on a ESXi host. After the completion of vCSA on host, I have logged into the vCSA using vsphere client from my laptop and added esxi hosts to the datacenter. I have Shutdown the esxi host and my laptop and next of my practice, Iam trying to login to vcsa using vsphere client not able to connect attached message pumped up.

Iam able to ping the vcsa FQDN initially from my laptop when I configured vcsa and added esxi host to the datacenter. Next day after powered up the all esxi host and AD server. Iam able to get ping successful reply from the esxi hosts and AD server and checked replication between the esxi hosts and AD server its good.  But when I tried ping vcsa from my laptop from where I used to connect to vcsa iam getting reply unreachable.

Please send your solutions to resolve this issue.

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It seems to be a DNS issue. You say you can ping the IP and also the FQDN from your laptop? Since you said you power up other hosts, could it be an IP conflict? Another server/device using the same IP address?

Is the laptop the only device you can try the connection? Any other server that you could try to connect to the vCenter?

If you only try to connect to the vCenter using IP does it work?

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