Newly created vcsa 6.5 is ok but now what (vDS)?

Hello all,

So I've got the vcsa 6.5 embedded built and sso working.  Created a new datacenter and cluster.  Time to move a host from my existing 5-host cluster to the new one.

I've exported the existing dswitches and portgroups and successfully imported them into the new vcsa using the existing configuration.

What should I expect when I connect when I add the host?  Must I move the esxi license?  Will the dswitches and portgroups become operational without intervention?  Will the fact that the new vcsa currently resides on the host to be added become an issue?



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If the physical network configuration is proper, you should not have any problem so to say. I don't think there is any need to move the ESXi license. In such scenarios, it is not recommended a move a live host with multiple critical VMs running on it. Just have one or two non-critical VMs on one host and add it to the new vCenter. Once you validate that the host network is all fine and the VMs are reachable, then you can move the other hosts in their current state.

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