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Hello All,

I have a scecific requirement in my organization where i need to configure SNMP using version 3 on vCenter appliance.   I am facing challenge while configuring SNMP v3 on vCenter.

I followed below URL, but seems some those steps are not clear, so need some assistance here, if anyone have worked on the same.



While configure SMP users, I see Prerequisites, where its mentioned that Passwords must be at least eight characters long. Store these passwords in files on the host system.

For example, run the following command:

snmp.hash --auth_hash secret1 --priv_hash secret2

Here, secret1 is the path to the file containing the user's authentication password and secret2 is the path to the file containing the user's privacy password. Alternatively, you can specify the flag --raw_secret and set the boolean parameter to true.

 I need to know that what is Secret1 & Secret2 here and where do I store passwords in file on which host system ??

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This command worked for me! replace with your passwords

snmp.hash --auth_hash YOURAUTHPASSWORD --priv_hash YOURPRIVPASSWORD --raw_secret true


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