Need help with a BMR of Guest VM

I am using DPM 2010 to make Bare Metal backups of some of my VM's and I need help doing a test BMR of one of those VM's so I know what I am doing in the event there is a actual crash of one of the guests.  I have found online how to do the BMR on the Guest but I have a slight problem.  I boot up the Guest to Windows 2012 R2 server and choose the "Repair a computer" option but can't find the backup for it seems that there is no IP assigned to the newly created Guest VM when you boot up this way.  Does anyone know how to assign an IP address to a newly created Guest VM or ultimately how to do a full Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) of a Guest VM where I will be able to SEE the backup files from DPM 2010 which uses Windows backup to create the BMR's?

When I press Shift-F10 and try to do a IPconfig nothing shows up as far as network adapters.  I have assigned an adapter to Guest and have had no problems with previously created Guest VM's but that was after the OS was fully installed.

I am using VCenter 5.1 U1 and assigning the Guest VM a VMXNET3 Adapter.

If you need more info please just ask and I will provide.

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