NFS 4.1


I can't connect storage NFS 4.1 running on Windows Server 2016.

I am using vCenter and ESXi host version 6.7 with the last updates.

After compleat connect NFS share in the vCenter I encountered into the error:

An error occurred during host configuration

Operation failed, diagnostics report: Unable to complete Sysinfo operation. Please see the VMkernel log file for more details.: Sysinfo error: TimeoutSee VMkernel log for details.

VMkernel log:

World: 11943: VC opID jzrdqp4z-32753-auto-p9u-h5:70007356-40-35-431a maps to vmkernel opID 4b18339c                                           

NFS41: NFS41_VSIMountSet:423: Mount server: xxx.com, port: 2049, path: Share01, label: Datastore, security: 1 user: ,

StorageApdHandler: 977: APD Handle  Created with lock[StorageApd-0x4312a0df3d70]                                                              

NFS41: NFS41_ConnectionLookup:786: Created new connection for address tcp x.x.x.x.8.1                                                    

NFS41: NFS41ProcessExidResult:2301: clientid 76000014fb roles 0x10000  


WARNING: NFS41: NFS41FSWaitForCluster:3695: Failed to wait for the cluster to be located: Timeout                                             

WARNING: NFS41: NFS41_FSMount:4807: NFS41FSDoMount failed: Timeout                                                                            

NFS41: NFS41_ConnectionRemove:1072: Connection: 0x4312a0df4b50 [8] addr: tcp x.x.x.x.8.1                                                               

StorageApdHandler: 1063: Freeing APD handle 0x4312a0df3d70 []                                                                                 

StorageApdHandler: 1147: APD Handle freed!                                                                                                   

WARNING: NFS41: NFS41_VSIMountSet:431: NFS41_FSMount failed: Timeout                                                                          

SunRPC: 1099: Destroying world 0x26446b 

The same share folder by the protocol NFS 3 connecting well

What can be a reason of the problem?

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I got the same issue, after rebooting the ESXi host, the error disappeared.

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I know this is a bit old. Any idea what was the cause?

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