Move host to new VCSA v7.0

Hi. We are building parallel v7.0 infra to go along with our v6.5U2 infra and due to some NSX contraints, we are unable to upgrade our v6.5U2 so we have decided to build parallel. We have done something similar in the past and to move an ESXi host with running VMs from 1 VCSA to another, we simply converted our VDS to VSS and moved the VMs from VDS to VSS and then disconnected the host from the current VCSA, and re-connected to the new VCSA, and then convert back to VDS. It seems in VCSA v7.0 you cannot add a host to a cluster that is not in maint mode. I have read something you can disable Quickstart to solve that, or add outside the cluster, and then drag into the cluster. Is this still the case in v7.0U1? I rather not get stuck doing this the first time. We are also running EVC, so I am not sure how that will get me. Thanks,,,

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