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Migration Assistant populating domain account

Hello everyone,

        I'm in the process of upgrading a vCSA from Std 6.0a to 6.5 U2 and I get the message "Unable to retrieve the migration assistant extension on source vCenter Server".  I have text from the install log below, item #1.  After some research I determined it's looking for the migration assistant so when I kick off the migration assistant instead of prompting for the password for the administrator@vsphere.local account it asks for the password of the domain account (ex. mydomain\accountname).

        When I look at the service on the vCSA (VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension) it's in the unknown state, and when I go into the service it tells me " Failed to request health status from URI https:\\myserver\...".  I do see a service for "VMware vSphere Update Manager Service" on my the windows server.


1. Is my VUM service running on the windows server or on my appliance?

2. If the VUM service is running on my server is that where the Migration Assistant is needed?

3. Do I need the Migration Assistant if my VUM service is running on my appliance?

4. Why is the Migration Assistant coming up with a domain username and password?

I know it's a lot but thank you very much in advance!

Item #1

2018-08-01T20:13:54.897Z - debug: sourcePrecheck: Got all the required data from source VC: [ 10, 65, 130 ]

2018-08-01T20:13:54.897Z - info: VUM upgrade switch enabled, query extensions and get the size info

2018-08-01T20:13:54.916Z - info: Got the extension: com.vmware.vcIntegrity

2018-08-01T20:13:54.990Z - info: MA extension not found

2018-08-01T20:13:54.991Z - error: There is no MA extension for VUM available on source VC.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

vsphere 6.5 comes with integrated VUM. Please uninstall VUM in 6.0 nd try upgrade it.

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