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Migrating VM (VMDK's/VMX/etc) from one VC to another VC with Source and target NetApp LUN

I'm migrating a guest from a datastore presented to a host in a cluster on one of our virtual center servers to a datastore presented to the same host in our DR virtual center environment.

I have initiated a storage motion between both netapps that are presented to the same host in production.  I start the motion and the WAN utilization ramps up initially but every time it starts to move a new vmdk the bandwith decreases.  I assumed that during my first test that I could copy 200gig an hour through a 1 gig link, so I used a host that is conneted to both netapp datastores that are presented through a 10gig link.  The problem is....  The storage vmotion is only using 2gig of the 10gig wan link.  Is there a way to multistream storage vmotions?  This way I don't run into high and low latency issues.  There is no QOS set on the switch.  I just want to figure out why i can't use vcenter to initiate this motion without experiencing slow transfer rates.  My alternative is to initiate the copy from the netapp and take vcenter out of the equation.  Any advice would be helpful.

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