Memory managment monitoring

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i have read vmware document about resource managment but could not understand some parts :

memory function in esxi :

1 - Active memory :  i understand active memory show that how much memory guest has been used for example if assign 8G memory to a vm and show active memory is = 2.3G means just 2.3G from 8G memory is used by guest os and about 6G memory free is that correct ?

2 - Consumed memory : all of machine memory that assign to vm + overhead memory for example if i create a vm with 8G memory and 4vcpu consumed memory had to show for example : 8.1G

is that correct ??

3- Granted : show amount of memory that a vm Due to the os can be use for example 32bit windows os can support 4G memory now if install 32bit os on a windows and assign 12G to that vm Grant will be show 4G ?????


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Consumed Host Memory is the amount of physical memory that has been allocated to the virtual machine. This also includes things like memory overhead, that also means that Consumed can be larger than what has been provisioned. To make it a bit more complex it should be noted that in the “Performance Tab” the “Consumed” Counter doesn’t actually include Memory Overhead!

Active Memory  it is what the VMkernel believes is currently being actively used by the VM.

Granted is the total RAM available to the VM, basically what has been entered into the VM configuration

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