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MSL 2024 - Passthrough or RAW?

We have an old HP MSL 2024 Tape array. I only need to use it 3 times a year at this point.

So I want to eliminate the box it's attached to and connect it to a VM.

I have an x4 half height slot available in my host (DL 360 G7)

My question is am I better off try to run a passthru on the card or a RAW mapping?

Is a raw mapping even possible on a Tape array? I've only done it with disk volumes.

Does anyone know of a card that will support this?

HP's recommended part is AH627A but who knows how old that is lol.

...I tried a passthru for another controller on this unit to a 2012 VM and windows wouldn't even boot it just sat there. So I have my doubts on that option.



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