Lose connection to VAMI during stage 2 of vCenter 7 upgrade (from 6.7)

We have a small VMware environment with two linked vCenter servers that we use as a test environment before updating our primary production environment.  Yesterday I upgraded those vCenter servers from 6.7 to 7U3.  After stage 1 of the upgrade (new vCenter deployment), I continued to stage 2.  For some reason, when going to stage 2 from the installation iso, there is no option to change the domain for the SSO login (i.e. administrator@vsphere.local).  Our SSO domain is different from the default.  But, when going to the vCenter Appliance Management Interface (VAMI) to continue with stage 2, I do have the option there to change the SSO login ID.


What I decided to do, and what would probably be better when upgrading our production environment, was to deploy both new vCenter appliances first (stage 1 of the upgrade), then perform stage 2, one at a time for each vCenter, from the VAMI.  This way the amount of time between the upgrades would be less (as to not risk issues with replication).


The problem is, when Stage 2 of the upgrade reached 61% (where it was starting VMware Analytics services), I lose connection to the VAMI interface because the temporary network settings is replaced with the network settings of the source vCenter server.  This prevents me from seeing the message that the upgrade successfully completed.  This happened for both of the vCenter servers I upgraded yesterday.  


After the VAMI connection was lost, I accessed the VAMI using the source IP address and everything appeared to be in order.  The old 6.7 vCenter was powered down and all data seemed to have transferred to the new vCenter 7 appliances and all services running.  I logged into both vCenter appliances and everything seems to be functioning normally.


My question is, when going forward with production, how would I prevent losing connection from the VAMI interface when performing stage 2 of the vCenter upgrade, when the new vCenter 7 appliance takes on the network settings of the source vCenter?


Another question is, why is it not possible to change the SSO login ID from the default "administrator@vsphere.local" when performing stage 2 from the iso?

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