Leficycle Manager, Update VM permissions

Good day.

We have the configuration requirement to allow VM owners to update their VM hardware and tools.

We would like them to have the ability to do so through Lifecycle Manager. We do not want them to have the ability to use any host or vCenter features of the LCM. They should only have the ability to view and update the virtual machine tools and hardware.

Looking at the vCenter permissions, it appears that if we give them the ability to have the "Lifecycle Manager: Hardware Compatibility Privileges" it is not enough to see the update tab, we need to also give them the ability to "Manage Patches and Upgrades" but this gives them the ability to look, manage and deploy ESX host updates, something we can not permit since they are shared hosts managed by our team.

Other then through Lifecycle manager's ability to create and remove snapshots we do not permit the VM admin to create snapshots.

We are using vCenter 7.0 Update 3c. The hosts are also 7.0 Update 3c.

Has anyone configured a similar solution?

Thank you.

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