Issues with Active Directory Identity Source

In one of my test environments, I tried to migrate vCenter from a vSS portgroup to a portgroup on my vDS. For some reason it ended up crapping out as soon as it pulled the vmnics from the vSwitch, but it never migrated my vCenter over. I was able to log into the host locally and detach the physical nics and reapply them to te vSwitch on the host. Now I have this weird issue:

I can log into my web client for my vcenter instance just fine using local and AD credentials, but for some reason I can't use my AD credentials on my fat client (C#) on several of my desktops. I even had one of my technicians attempt to log in as well and we both get an error message stating the connection times out.

Any idea what could cause this? By the way, my local credentials (admninistrator@vsphere.local) works just fine using the C# client but my AD doesn't.

Also, Is there something I need to keep in mind when I bring over my vCenter to vDS from vSS next time?

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