Isolate vCenter Servers from Linked Mode Group

I have two 5.5u1 vcenter servers joined in linked mode.

I want to isolate the secondary vcenter server for two reasons; to see if breaking the link improves performance on the primary, and as the preliminary step in upgrading both to 5.5u2e.

My question is what I should be aware or concerned about when doing this? The VMware documentation on the process is short and gives no prerequisites, or post isolation steps.

If I run through the isolation steps on the secondary is the primary still technically part of a linked mode group? Or, since there were only 2 in the group, and I isolated one from the other, is that group gone?

Does it matter how long the link is broken? I plan to wait to see how performance is on the primary for a few days before then running the upgrade on the secondary. At that point I would upgrade the primary and then see about even joining them again before upgrading to 6 in the not too distant future.


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