Install Error - vCenter 6.7 Server Trial for Windows


I successfully installed the ESXi 6.7 trial and when I attempted to install the vCenter 6.7 trial on a new Windows Server 2016 VM, I get the following error during the install (D: drive is the mounted vSphere 6.7 trial ISO):

2018-07-19 18:50:22.919-04:00| vcsInstUtil-8832884| E: PitCA_IsFileSigned: The digital signature on file D:\vCenter-Server\Packages\vmware-sps.msi failed with 0x80096010 0x80096010

I checked that file and it does have a digital signature. I have attached the error log files.

Is there anything I can check or do to get the install completed?  Is there another version of the ISO I can try? Thanks!

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Use the vCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) which is a separate ISO containing a deployment wizard that'll guide you through the process. Don't use Windows-based vCenter any more as this is the last release, lacks features, has poorer performance, and other reasons.

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Certain CA's are not trusted by some versions of Windows. Gold option would be to go with vCenter appliance. If you have to make it work on the Windows, follow the below steps to disable the Microsoft policy “Turn off Automatic Root Certificates Update”. Disabling this setting will enable the installer to download the required certificates and verify the MSI package.

1) Click Start, and then click Run.

2) Type gpedit.msc, and then click OK.

3) Double-click Administrative Templates, double-click System, double-click Internet Communication Management, and then click Internet Communication settings.

4) Double-click 'Turn off Automatic Root Certificates Update', click disabled, and then click OK.

5) Close the Local Group Policy Editor.

6) Just for the sake of it, reboot the VM once Smiley Happy

7) Attempt the installation.

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