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How to import vmdk files (not ova, ovf! ) via vCloud or vCenter?


We want to import vmdk files and deploy new virtual machine via vCloud or vCenter client , but we don't know how to achieve this.

We try to migrate virtual machines from XenServer, KVM, and so on.

But "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client" doesn't support XenServer.

Fortunately, we have learned how to modify disk images on XenServer for migration.

So, we try to import image files (ova / ovf / vmdks...) and deploy new virtual machine.

But vCloud or vCenter can't read ova or ovf file genetated by XenServer. (Xen specific configuration causes an error)

So, we want to know how to import only vmdk files and deploy new virtual machine.

Or, we want to know how to generate an ovf file easily with vmdk file and a few settings.

Somebody know how to reslove this issue?



Our vmware enviroments:

vSphere Client : version 6.0.0 build  9154154

vCloud Director: version

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The best thing is to use VMware Converter to convert the live running guest over to a vSphere-compatible VM. That way, the necessary drivers can be injected during the conversion process and you won't get boot failures.

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I have a few questions. Where are the virtual machines hosted right now? What version of the vCenter are you trying to upload to?

It depends on how many VMDK's you have. If you have one or two I would suggest building your server, uploading you vmdk's to the datastore then edit VM settings and add existing hard disk.

Have you tried selecting your VM, selecting Template and export to an OVF template?

If that still doesnt work for you, you can always build an OVF by writing it using XML.

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