How to cleanly remove hosts etc from a vcentre ready for reinstall

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My install of vcentre 6 has developed a weird postgres DB problem. VM supports suggestion was (finally) to reinstall vcentre.

I want to do a complete re-do, deleting the VM (MS server 2012) and starting from scratch.

I need to know how to properly remove the hosts and datastores from the current vcentre otherwise when I do a new vcentre and try to add the hosts etc I will get all sorts of problems saying that the host is part of another vcentre.

I suppose what I am wanting to do is "de-register" everything before deleting my current VM.

What are the steps to doing this?



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Removing a host from vCenter is pretty straightforward

1. Right click the host and select disconnect

2. Once the host is disconnected from vCenter, right click the host and select remove.

However, if you have dv switches in the environment the process would be a bit different.

The datastore is associated with the hosts. Since the hosts will be removed from vc the datastore details will be removed automatically.

Also, you can use the below Kb as a reference for pre requisites.

VMware KB: Moving a managed ESXi/ESX host from one vCenter Server to another vCenter Server


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