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How to change block size in VM template for Server 2022? (I don't want the default 4K)

Hi all,

I want to create a server template for Windows Server 2022, but also change the UNIT SIZE or BLOCK SIZE from the default of 4K to 16K (or anything other than 4K really) so that all servers imaged from this template attract the block size settings.

Historically we would use the SHIFT + F10 key combination at the disk setup step in the OS install, which invokes the CMD prompt. Launch DISKPART and issue the commands (Select Disk, Select Partition, Format UNIT=xxK FS=NTFS etc.) to do configure the partition unit size.  The OS would install and keep the settings from these actions.

However, this approach does not appear to be working for the Server 2022 OS. I have stumbled across an article where someone uses SCCM with scripted steps and PXE boot, but this approach would not really work for us.

Anyone else had this requirement and able to sort?



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