How do I get sVGA to work in Windows 95A?

I like the OLD games.  I purchased VMWare Workstation long ago (I think the version might have been in the 4.x.x.x times) but now use VMPlayer almost exclusively.

I am trying to get an old game from around 97 or 98 running.  It uses 256 colors in 480x640 resolution.  And proudly tells me it will not run using 16 color mode.

I have successfully installed Windows 95A onto my system with the errors coming from network files (I did not select to install networking).

I can only access 4 bit (16 color) color.

When I attempt to install VMTools it says it will attempt to download (host or guest downloading?? as the window it talks in is host area).but fails almost immediately.

I do not find VMWare under C:\Program Files as the notes suggest but do find updaters for 32 bit and 64 bit.  I believe Windows 95 and 98 were 16 bit.

What do I do?  Are there older files available that I may download?

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