Host conection and Power State error

I have a strange issue. I currently have a client with the following configuration. They have two servers running ESXi 4.0 Essentials Plus. They are configured with HA. The VCenter server is on a physical Windows 2003 server. All has been well till today. I installed a new APC UPS with the network management card. I downloaded and installed the PCNS 4 software from APC. During the installation, I was getting an error connecting to the VCenter server. I tracked the error down to an issue with the older smaller SSL Certificate. I downloaded openssl and with the VMWare KB that explained how to create a new certificate. I was able to create the new files and restarted the vcenter without an issue and was able to finish the APC software installation. After the installation, I started to get host disconnections in VCenter. I tried disabling the HA and removing the hosts. I reattached the hosts but the issue still remains. I also noticed a strange thing when reconnecting to the VCenter server. The IP address of the certificate had changed to the address of the web server for the APC software. I have run out of answers. Any help would be appreciated.

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