Host VM Swapfile Location using host Profiles

vCenter 5.5 U3e

ESXi 5.5 U3b

Using Auto Deploy and Host Profiles.

Also using DRS / HA

Scope of Project:  Migrating off of Cisco VM-FEX vDS to vSphere vDS.  Introducing Auto Deploy and host profiles. 

Have already migrated the VDI cluster 100% and now working on the production infrastructure cluster.  A difference between the two cluster is the swapfile location.  The VDI cluster is set to use the same directory as the VM.  The INF cluster is set to use the datastore specified by the host.  Both methods have been in use for several years and are working fine (AFAIK).  

The question.

The auto deploy hosts are not recieving the swapfile location setting from the host profile.  This setting was initially missed from the original host profile capture but since added, host profile updated etc.  Still not being applied to the host.

I have tried adding    Mem.HostLocalSwapDir <Datastore> to the advanced settings in the host profile as one article I saw mentioned but it also did not resolve the issue.  I can set it but obviously with a stateless ESXi the setting goes away with a reboot.


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