Have to restart vcenter update manager after reboot

Does anyone else have this same issue with vSphere 5.5 on the vCenter server? We have a physical Win 2008 x64 vCenter server, and every time we have to reboot it (which, being a Windows server it is about once a week), we have to stop and start the vCenter update manager service after the server reboots and all the other services have loaded.  Well, I was looking to see if they fixed that, but we are on the next-to-latest build of 5.5, and I still have to restart the service. So a little light bulb lit up on top of my head like in the cartoons, and I decided to set the update manager service on the server to "Automatic (delayed startup)" and thought, "why didn't I think of that a long time ago?", and also thought, surely someone else has thought of that. So I looked for an old thread that I thought I participated in over a year or so ago, about this issue, but couldn't find it and got tired of looking. So I'll quit babbling!  I hope everyone has a great new year!  - and if that delayed startup actually fixes it I will post back to this thread to let you know.

Best,  Flux Blocker

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