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Guest Customization on Windows Server 2022, join a domain

Hello All

My environment is 

VMware Cloud Director version:

I have created a Windows Server 2022 template.  When I deploy this template and create a new VM from this.

Guest customization runs on the first startup, I can't see this VM joining a domain, even though in the guest customization I have selected this VM to join a domain. 

I have few questions. 

1) am I looking at the correct guest customization log  c:\windows\temp\vmware-imc\guestcust.log

2) there is no failure listed or I can't find one related to joining a domain in the above log

3) what should I look / search for in the above log to find exact error, why this VM is not joining the domain

4) does guest customization from VMware Cloud Director version: works on Windows 2022


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