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Guest Customization of Windows


When customizing a W2K3 EE guest the sysprep process stops and Windows is asking to insert the installer CD. The file it is looking for is \sysprep\i386\agt0407.hlp

To make a long story short if I just drop the entire i386 folder on the GUEST I am cloning the process works well.

My understanding of the guest customization is that the sysprep files need to be on vcenter,  which they are and in the correct location, and they are. The sysprep files are the correct version as well.

Are the sysprep files supposed to be on the guest to make this process work correctly? I don't see this requirement in any VMware documentation.  

I am also having a problem where guest customization is randomizing the SID even though I have this option deselected in my custom spec. I suspect the SID issue and the missing file may be related.

If anyone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.  Thx.

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