Getting: <urlopen error timed out>

Hi Memebers,

I am using a VMware SDK and getting the below error while making api call to fetch VM performance data.

Error: <urlopen error timed out>


Below the code snippet I am using and  getting the exception in the try block and e="Error: <urlopen error timed out>"

            uuid = vm_mo.getCurrentProperty("config.instanceUuid")
except Exception as e:
            #some loggers here

def getCurrentProperty(self, pName):
		propertyValue = None

		objContent = self.retrieveObjectProperties([pName])
		if objContent!=None:
			dynaProps = objContent.propSet
			if dynaProps != None and len(dynaProps)>0:
				propertyValue = self._convert(dynaProps[0])

		return propertyValue 

 Any help will really appreciated .


Thanks in advance!!!

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