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I am trying to get the link for the HTML5 VM Console using a script. I have found two scripts that perform this task:

* html5 console connection to a vcenter guest · GitHub

* vghetto-scripts/ at master · lamw/vghetto-scripts · GitHub

And both return a link like this:****&vmName=test&host=***F&...

But it does not work. Port 7343 or 7331 are not even open on vcenter:

my $secureHtmlPort = 7343;

my $htmlPort = 7331;

If html vm console is launched from vcenter, this is the link vcenter will use (and of course it works):****&vmName=test&serverGuid=805af9ee...

As you can see, there are some common arguments but urls are not very similar. Can someone add some light here? I could modify previous scripts to get a similar output to the second link, but that looks more like a forced solution.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


I think the links are OK, but you need to manually open the required ports 7343 / 7331

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