Event ID 41: Spontaneous reboot vmware clients with HW version 11

I hope someone can help me.

We are running ESXi6.0, Vcenter 6.0.

Most VMWare clients (Windows 7) are running Hardware version 7. Some of the newer machines are running hardware version 11.

I noticed that the Hardware version 11 clients have Event ID 41 errors in the System log. They reboot spontaneously. There is no logic in time / date / frequency. As a test I upgraded my own system to hardware version 11 yesterday and today it was rebooted twice

There is no memory dump or crash information in the logging.

Just the message in Dutch: "Het systeem is opnieuw opgestart zonder eerst correct te worden afgesloten. Deze fout is mogelijk veroorzaakt doordat het systeem niet meer reageert of is vastgelopen of doordat de stroom is uitgevallen."

Freely translated: The machine restarted without first being shutdown properly. This error might be caused because the system stopped responding or hang or the power dropped.

Can anyway please advise? All Hardware version 11 machines have this error in the logging. But the frequency and the day/time varies.

They all have Windows 7 guest OS.

VMware tools installed.

2 CPUs

4 Gb memory

HDD between 50 Gb - 100 Gb

Systems are on different ESX hosts and different datastores. Only thing in common is the hardware version.

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