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Embedded VUM with SQL Express limits question


I'm aware that the embedded VUM installation with SQL Express is only recommended for small environment with up to 5 ESXi hosts and 50 VMs and that SQL Express is limited to 10GB database size and only uses 1GB of ram allocation.

My question is are the 5 ESXi hosts and 50 VMs true hard limits?

I have 2 vCenter with VUM using an external full SQL server.  Here are the database sizes and the environment of these 2 vcenters.

vCenter1:  8 ESXi hosts and 120+ VMs, VC DB is 12GB and the VUM DB is 62MB.

vCenter2:  5 ESXi hosts and 60+ VMs, VC DB is 5GB and the VUM DB is 92MB.  (don't know why this VUM DB is bigger with fewer hosts and VMs)

Looking at the SQL Express database size limit it appears it will not be an issue here.

I'm just wondering where did the 5 ESXi hosts and 50 VMs numbers came from and how it was determine.

I would like to setup new vCenter 6.0 servers using embedded databases for both the VC and VUM databases.

Anyone see any potential issues with the environment size I've noted?

Does anyone have an environment using the embedded VUM over the recommended size and any issues if so?

Thank you.

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Unless I'm missing something there is no hard limit. Take in mind that with vCenter Server 6, the embedded database is no more SQL, but vPostgrees and the limitations are 20 hosts and 200 virtual machines, but for Update Manager 6, with will use SQL Server 2012.


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