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ESXi 6.5.0 two networks on one guest OS that don't bridge

I have two separate networks I need to get working on one specific VM.  I have the "main" network which is a 10.x.x.x that includes servers and facility PCs, and another 192.168.x.x that also needs to communicate (it's a low-voltage system with headless devices). 

10.x.x.x is on a VLAN (tagged on the hardware switch)

192.168.x.x is NOT on a VLAN (connection comes from an unmanaged switch)

Each of these will be connected to a different physical port on the server blade.

I have the "main" network connecting properly.  It goes into a vSwitch and Port Group specific to it.

The 192.168.x.x network freezes up the VM once it's connected at the same time.  I tried using dual NIC in the guest OS and it was also on the same vSwitch (secondary network has it's own Port Group). 

What is the proper way to go about getting both of these networks to coexist on the same server?  These two networks shouldn't be able to pass traffic to one another, they just need to talk directly to the single server.




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