Datastore slow one host at time

Hello Everybody,

as vmware vsphere administrator is my first post. I'll try to explain better as I can. We have 3 hosts based on Dell servers and a Dell iScsi SAN.

Few days ago we had a issue on node 2 that become unusable, I mean:

1) Impossible for the host to enumerate Datastores content (Both from vcenter, from esxi web interface and from ssh)
2) Impossible for host to manage Virtual Machine that resides on itself (cannot restart or shutdown the machine) also if VM continue to working
3) Continous timed  out on vsphere when a task involving disk is started .
4) Impossible to migrate VM from a host to another

No hardware problems reported from Dell Idrac or Vcenter. At the end we solved shutting down all VM on the host and performed a reboot of the node. All seems solved... until today when we had the same problem on node 3.

Can someone point in the right direction?  Any suggestion is really appreciated!

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