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Data protection at rest


today I have an environment with VxRail Dell EMC with vSAN.

VxRail uses a unique vSAN policy to configure according to FTT (RAID), which is a VMware standard for setting according to the number of nodes and resiliency.

However, I read that to protect my data at rest I need to set the disk with an encryption policy.

For this I first need to install the KMS that I found a link to download, but I'm not sure if this is a paid service or is it free.

Another question is when I change the disk policy, I will lose the vSAN policy, because I will need to change the disk configuration or when I create a new disk I will need to apply this encryption policy. It is not the same as vSAN which has specific settings for FTT (RAID).

Also I don't know if there is any difference between VM encryption or just disk encryption? Or is it just encryption?

I need a clarification on how this encryption issue works because I'm confused.


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