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Customization specifications are not triggering after deploy/clone from template, and customization failing

I cannot get a customize specification to work properly and allow me to customize a newly created guest VM from a template!

This is all on vCenter 6.5 and vSphere 6.5.

I created an Ubuntu Linux (18.04) virtual machine, informed VMware that it is "Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)" and, after install, I used the "Clone" -> "Clone to Template in Library". I gave it a name, and it successfully cloned.

I then created, under "Polices and Profiles" -> "Customization Specifications", a specification for Linux as the Target VM OS. Under "Computer name" I set it to ask at time of deploy/clone with option "Enter a name in the Clone/Deploy wizard", set the local timezone, configured the networking for manual configuration by choosing "Prompt the user for an address when the specification is used". and provided DNS settings.

When I created a new VM from the content library and selected my newly created Ubuntu server, I chose "Customize the operating system" under "Customize VM Options". This adds a "Customize Guest OS" (third) step, and it displays the customization specification I had created. I select it and click Next. I now choose a resource to store the VM on, review the details, select storage, select networks, and then complete.

No where during the clone up to this point does it ask me to provide any of the customization fields I set in the spec.

Thinking it may ask me after the VM is finished cloning, I am instead greeted with an error reporting the following:

"An invalid argument "spec.identity.hostname" was specified."

I never provided a hostname; as stated above, I chose in the specification to ask me for the hostname.

The VM is created, though, and under its options I go to "Guest OS -> Customize Guest OS". I see the customization specification form I provided before, select it, and get a "User Settings" option with just three fields: NetBIOS name under "Computer Name"; IPv4 Address and IPv4 Subnet Mask under "Network Adapter 1 Settings". It does not ask me for the hostname (unless thats what it means by netbios name); it does not ask me for the gateway/router IP (I didn't provide a router IP in my spec sheet). I enter information here, boot it, and Ubuntu is hanging trying to get network access because that router IP wasn't provided at time of spec sheet creation; but again, I thought it would ask me this.

From the documentation I've seen, I should see a screen that lets me provide these customization options during the deploy process. At the very least, I shouldn't be getting an error that is interrupting the Create VM from Template process w/ customization spec, right? Or do I need to just provide the router IP for the spec sheet, and choose some other option for the hostname so I don't get that error, or just live with it and then go to Customize Guest OS after the create/soft fail?

Thank you all in advance!

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This may be due to the fact that the template is in the content library. To test, either move it out of the CL or use the source template which is just a regular vSphere template. Apply the cust. spec. to the non-CL template and see if it works.

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