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Creation of snapshot in two VMs Quality - Production


I need to take a snapshot on two VMs containing SAP. One VM of Quality and another one of VM of Production. Annex the number of disks of each vm and specifications of the datastore.

VM - Quality:

Disk 1: 400 GB
Disk 2: 250 GB
Disk 3: 200 GB
Disk 4: 3 TB
Disk 5: 250 GB

Seizure Type: Thin

Datastore: 10 TB.
Free: 2.65 TB.
In Use: 7.35 TB

Number of VMs in datastore 3 VMs.

VM - Production:

Disk 1: 250 GB
Disk 2: 1 TB
Disk 3: 50 GB
Disk 4: 50 GB
Disk 5: 1 TB

Datastore: 8 TB.
Free: 2.62 TB.
In Use: 5.38 TB

Seizure Type: Thin
Number of VMs in datastore 4 VMs.

According to the free capacity in each datastore, can I take the snapshots in the SAP vm, without occupying the complete space of the datastore where each vm is located? Will it leave me free space after taking the snapshot?

Or should I move the other vms to another repository, and leave the SAP vm alone to take the snapshot?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

A snapshot isn’t a copy, it sets each of the original VMDK files as read-only and creates a read/write delta VMDK file for each.

So in terms of space, the VM will consume datastore space from the moment the snapshot has been created, and continue to do so incrementally til you delete the snapshot. Oh, plus there will be files created equivalent to the memory size if you also selected the memory to be included in the snapshot.



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