Creating Microsoft Certificate Authority Template for vCenter SSL certificate


I have a question regarding

Are correct steps 8 and 9 in "Creating a new template for vSphere 6.x to use for Machine SSL and Solution User certificates"?

If we do it than certificates have all existing certificate purposes:

Proves your identity to a remote computer
Ensures software came from software publisher
Protects software from alteration after publication
Allows data on disk to be encrypted
Allows secure communication on the Internet
Ensures the identity of a remote computer
Allows data to be signed with the current time
Certificate Request Agent
Digital Rights
Directory Service Email Replication
Document Signing
File Recovery
Key Pack Licenses
Key Recovery
Key Recovery Agent
License Server Verification
Private Key Archival
Smart Card Logon
Windows Hardware Driver Verification
Windows System Component Verification
I hope it is not needed for vCenter Server. 😮
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