Convergence tool - anyone had success?

Curious if anyone out there has had success with the convergence tool ?

I've attempted to run it a couple times unsuccessfully.  have two vcenter servers and two external PSCs.  (and i do have a ticket open, before everyone suggests that).

I have the distinct impression that the support engineer i'm working with really doesn't have a clue.

Currently when i run it, it installs the vib's on the vcenter server, and basically hangs waiting for something that never seems to happens (this is pre PSC-sync operation).  (waited a couple hours).  if i reboot the vsa after staring at it for a couple hours, the update process then breaks and entire environment is in a broken state..  at which point i restore PSC and VCSA from snaps.  The current recommendation is to leave it running for 8+ hours to see if it works.  (and yes, vCenter is effectively down during the process)

So, anyone run it yet?  what was the total run time for you? run into any issues?

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