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Content Library Synchronize to Secondary Where is Template Version?


  • vCenter 7.0.3k (Build 21290409 aka
  • Two vCenter data centers (two sites)
  • Not HA
  • vCenters are linked using Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM)


We use Content Library to store our guest VM templates so we can track changes and synchronize the template from primary to secondary. 

There are still bugs in Content Library, so you cannot reliably deploy a VM from the library directly (see https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/91238). Consequently, we use the vCenter inventory, locate the template, and deploy the latest numbered version listed (corresponding to the last update from Content Library). </BEGIN RANT/> This bug kind of defeats the purpose of Content Libraries and it is very annoying that VMware still has not fixed this bug and won't until later in vSphere 8. </END RANT/>

This works only on the primary data center site. The secondary data center template contained in the inventory does not have a automatic auto-generated number. The note on the template image in the secondary data center is "Versioning information is only available for templates in a Published or Local Content Library."

How can I tell what Content Library version of the template I am looking at on the secondary data center site? 

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